François Juneau is recognized as being a multi-talented solution seeker.  His capacity to identify the available resources — internal or external — as well as the confidence he entrusts in his partners generates extremely positive results which contributes largely to the personal self-esteem of all, and therefore solidifies Multivesco’s entrepreneurial identity.

His modern look at human relations and the investment aspect of his mission at Multivesco makes François Juneau a well-respected team member and administrator, as well as being recognized as playing an essential part in Multivesco’s development.


As Multivesco’s CEO, François Juneau holds a crucial role which is to oversee all operations and ensure the proper functioning of each department of the corporation. He is responsible for human resources, as well at making sure that Multivesco achieves all of its strategic objectives. François actively works to find new business opportunities and ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.


A highly skilled projects administrator, François Juneau has been establishing himself for many years in the business and financial world and by taking his rightful place on boards of directors, by his concern for details, by demonstrating his capacity to lead complex endeavors and prioritising major issues with perspicacity.  All agree that he is a gentleman with concrete and profitable solutions.