Pierre Villeneuve, is an administrator who runs on results!  That is why every problem is not only an opportunity for learning and overtaking, but also to extend boundaries for himself and his team.  When he accepts the management of a project, he puts himself in ”solution mode” to make sure that all eventualities are dealt with and this mission will be successful and will ultimately result in modern commercial renting spaces which meet and surpasses Multivesco’s team and customer expectations.

His understanding of the construction requirements, his practical experience, his undeniable savoir-faire and his drive to accept and meet any challenge make him the perfect person to lead the most complex construction and custom-made construction or redevelopment projects.


As Vice President and the person in charge of Multivesco’s construction sector, Pierre Villeneuve has to translate the abstract into something concrete, which means to realize the construction and redevelopment projects of commercial spaces so that the client’s company can prosper and grow in an optimal and modern work environment that not only satisfies but surpasses the highest quality standards of the industry.


For more than 30 years, Pierre Villeneuve has been making major contributions to the real estate development world, whether it be as a promoter, developer, portfolio manager or administrator assigned to construction and redevelopment projects.  His profound knowledge, his passion, his inexhaustible thirst to overcome and his numerous realizations are tangible proof supporting his unquestionable reputation.