As Multivesco’s administrator of leasing and property management services, Jacques St-Jean stands in a class of his own with a remarkable career path that reflects a deep desire to make his entourage evolve by striving for nothing short of excellence. A leader who is undeniably a rallying force, Mr. St‑Jean understands the importance of teamwork in offering unparalleled client service, which is why he leads by example by being an integral part of the group of professionals for whom he is responsible.

Humility, determination, a desire to learn, versatility and a sense of organization are just a few of the qualities on which he bases his management philosophy. Attentive and interested, Mr. St-Jean wishes, above all, to be an inspiration for his team, his colleagues and his employer.


Whether it involves managing priorities or urgent requests, meeting deadlines, adapting the services offered by Multivesco or demonstrating creativity in problem‑solving, Jacques St‑Jean plays a pivotal role within the company; indeed, as part of his mandate, he is called upon to interact daily with tenants and users of buildings under the company’s property development asset portfolio.


Because of his exceptional communication skills and knowledge in building technologies, Jacques St-Jean’s is able to create a unique framework based on a highly innovative relationship management style that empowers the entire property management department team to perform optimally, thereby making it possible for Multivesco to offer global real estate solutions that are adapted to the present and future needs of all its clients.